As mothers, we want to bring up our children to value what we hold sacred and to feel excited about Ramadan and Eid. Attempting to follow the prophetic way, we’ve been adorning our homes for years to welcome the Islamic Festivals, despite limited options and choices out there.

We came to the realisation that many busy mums, like ourselves, struggled to source substantial decorations. We found that many of them lacked the inspiration, due to the limitations of choice and availability. With that in mind, we came to the conclusion that there was definitely a need to add variety in the Islamic decorations market. Giving birth to the notion of The Celebrations Company

So we decided to bring our talents together and spread the joy of celebrations!

At The Celebrations Company our motto is to ‘add a touch of luxury!’

All of our pieces are timeless, modern and stylish to complement any home and can be used year after year!